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Update: November 04, 2019

FPT.iHotel has been developed since 2016, is capable of managing all overall hotel operations, bringing a modern, efficient and sustainable management method. The system includes many modules (modules) that manage each of the different specialized operations such as: management of rooms and guests, sales management, event management ...
FPT.iHotel meets the professional and processing processes of hotels according to the highest standards in the hotel industry. Using FPT.iHotel software in management will bring hotels positive benefits in the management and exploitation of customer data. FPT IS's system helps to reduce manual work time, save office costs and unnecessary expenses, and help manage business effectively.


FPT.iHotel is a research and development result from 2016 by FPT & Saigontourist and leading experts with many years of experience in implementing and operating the most famous hotel management software systems such as Opera. and Protel. The product confidently meets> 95% of Opera's features and performance, but is much better in flexibility and configuration for specific hotel features in Vietnam. And the most special thing: FPT.iHotel has a Financial and Accounting Management Module (according to Circular 200), not connected to other financial systems like Opera (Sun System).

FPT.iHotel outperforms domestic products in terms of features according to the rate of FPT.iHotel 95% and domestic products meet international standards of only 35% -40% and technology is outdated (developing from for a long time and cannot upgrade technology), FPT.iHotel can POC (Proof of Concept) or new customers visit at Grand Hotel Saigon to prove this.

FPT.iHotel is proud to have 2-way integration with famous CMs such as Siteminder, Rate Tiger and FastBooking (important commitment to accurately synchronize room rate at any time of change ==> Domestic softwares Can't do it, but it happens that the Wrong rate cost will cause loss of business opportunity). At the same time, not fussy about connecting to systems PABX, Lock Key, Smart TV, IPTV, Room Control, Smart Camera (Check face ID) ... 

FPT is proud to be the largest IT corporation in Vietnam and is committed to providing customers with optimal solutions and smart technology. FPT also has available human resource & salary management solutions FPT.iHRP has deployed for the SGT chain (the Corporation and 17 member units, of which 13 are hotels) sharing a single system. FPT.eInvoice automatically sends E-Invoices via email to customers when checking out or making payment.

About FPT.iHotel customers:

FPT.iHotel has been implementing the hotel chain of Saigon Tourism Corporation (including 13 affiliated hotels and more than 70 joint venture hotels nationwide, mostly 4 & 5 stars), of which Grand Hotel Saigon (5 stars) has been in operation for more than 2 years and Majestic Mong Cai (5 stars) has been operating for nearly 2 years.

In Phu Quoc, two resorts (05 stars) in Phu Quoc have been operated, Green Bay Resort & Spa and L'Azure Resort and Spa, which have been in operation since the beginning of 2019 until now. At the same time, in November 2019, FPT will deploy a 500-room Resort & Hotel (5-star) and 40 villas at CEO Group Area.

In Hanoi, FPT.iHotel officially operated the SAHUL Hotel (4 stars) in mid-October 2019.

In Phan Thiet, FPT.iHotel is deploying HL Villa & Resort (05 stars).

In Nha Trang, FPT.iHotel is deploying M.S Hotel (about> 400 rooms) (05 stars)

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