Smart hotel 4.0

FPT.SkyBeds is a hotel / hostel / homestay management system developed by a team of experienced professionals from FPT Information System Company Limited (FPT IS). The product operates on the cloud computing technology platform combined with 4.0 technology trends in the hospitality industry such as connecting things (IoT), identity technology, artificial intelligence, robotics ..., provides many tools for management and business, to maximize revenue, control costs flexibly. All hotel operations (CSLT) are handled and monitored easily anywhere thanks to FPT.Skybeds. 

FPT.Skybeds is suitable for CSLT with size ≤ 80 rooms in the form of software rental (without infrastructure investment) and possesses many advanced functions, friendly interface and easy to use ...

Why choose Skybeds?

  • Easy to invest and use

    Easy to invest and use

    1. Easy to use for everyone with simple operations. Web and mobile versions are available.
    2. Quick and cost-e ective investment. Developed as a cloud-based platform, it is easy to deploy FPT.Skybeds without any initial investment in hardware infrastructure.
  • Real-time management

    Real-time management

    1. Stimultaneous management of all hotel establishments in different branches and locations via only one account.
    2. Allow guest management by group or by hour to meet the needs of the hotel and guest. Easy shift scheduling and house keeping productiviy management.
    3. Real-time dashboard of the number of guests, revenue, room availability, etc, that enables everytime and everywhere monitoring.
  • Room revenue optimization

    Room revenue optimization

    1. Smart Booking engine function supports online booking. OTAs connection, helps customers find you from everywhere and helps you manage all booking channels in real time..
    2. Smart real-time room rates management. Automatically suggest suitable rates for the hotel by the current occupancy rates, peak season, or the number of guests. Pop-ups available on booking sites to announce the current room rates to customers.
    3. Smart sales management with add-on services at the hotel such as: minibars, laundry, restaurant, etc.
    4. Customer data is analyzed to meet future development strategies. 

Features on Skybeds

Property Managmement System (PMS)

Allows property and room management by hotel or hotel chain. Help hotel owners keep track of information in real time at anytime and anywhere. Control capacity of selling rooms and property at hotels.

Skybeds - The management solution for small and medium infrastructure

0-3 star accommodation

Hotel, homestay

Hostel, motel

Hourly rental accommodation


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